Nerdwax – Seeing Clearly, Hands Free


Seeing Clearly, Hands-Free


Often, the best innovations are beautifully simple, and Nerdwax is exactly that. With the tag-line “It keeps your glasses up!” the idea behind this home-grown product is as straight-forward as it is unique, and tackles a problem that you didn’t even know you had: the glasses slump. Fortunately, this ingenuous little product is here to help.

Born from first-hand experience of the spectacle struggle, Don Hejny explains over two charming videos the plethora of situations in which wearing glasses can be inhibiting. Having to constantly push eyewear back to the bridge of your nose is habitual and occurs countless times a day – think of every time you read, check your phone, or look down at your desk – and can be distracting when it’s important to convey yourself with confidence. Nerdwax is Don’s answer, and having surpassed the Kickstarter pledge goal by a phenomenal amount, it’s set to be popular.nerdwax-logo.png

The product itself is made from a beeswax based blend of all natural and organic ingredients, leaves no residue on the face and is effortless in application. Packaged chapstick-style, it has the potential to become a permanent fixture in any bag or glove compartment, and you may find yourself as dependant on it as that trusty, battered tin of Vaseline that has been a companion for years.

After spending a little time watching and reading the Nerdwax Kickstarter campaign, it’s impossible not to warm to the homely packaging and clean ingredients, as well as the almost unbearably cute FAQ response video featuring Don’s own children. The project is honest and endearing, and demonstrates that there’s room for innovation in the smallest of things.

Hannah Robinson