Our Advertising Terms and Conditions
Sponsored Blogs

Have a new product to launch?
Have a new innovation project you want people to know about?
Then our sponsored blogs are a quick and easy way of getting your message out to the world of innovators.
We will:
Design your blog post, including your logo and photos.
Place it in number one, top spot, of our blog page for 14 days
Promote the post via twitter and facebook.
All this for £50

Page Advertising in our Digital Magazine

Anyone who advertises with us has a fairly simple desire; to get close to our readership.

Our readers are savvy, informed and engage with us as a magazine and business. We contact and ask our readers for advice, direction and feedback on a regular basis, which they always help with.

We like to do business with organisations who are doing things their own way. We are not for everyone.

We don’t reach as many people as large publications with multi million pound budgets. That’s not what we are about.

We have our own market. Our readers are passionate about learning, they love science and technology and are often entrepreneurial in spirit.

They want to improve themselves and their businesses and they look to us to give them the ‘takeaways’ to do that, which we do with every interview.

They are an equal mix of men and women, with the majority in their 30’s/40’s.

We focus on interviews with real people. Real stories of triumph, failure, dreams and endeavour.

Our readership figures are in the several thousand, across all of the world with the USA, UK, Europe, Brazil and India being particularly strong areas of readership.

We also have a subscriber base who are particularly engaged and interested in our brand and ethos.

Sponsored Advertorial

Sponsored advertorials are a delicate mix of editorial and advertising, created to reach an audience in a focused manner. The aim is to enhance the product and engage the audience. We are able to offer a bespoke solution and package built upon our in-house framework that delivers for the client, the brand and our readership.

Website Advertising

Our website offers a number of opportunities for clients to place their brand in front of some of the world’s smartest and enlightened readers. Please get in touch for further details.